סרטי סקס לצפייה בחינם ישבנים בחוטיני

סרטי סקס לצפייה בחינם ישבנים בחוטיני

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung - Israel Office ]https: Hello friends, happy to invite you to a classical indian music recital. He has given several Sitar recitals in the holy city of Varanasi where he lived and shared the inherent beauty of North Indian traditional culture for 8 years. He has been profoundly appreciated by connoisseurs and music lovers. Ido gafni- tabla studies the art of playing Tabla since He learned from the great Tabla master Pt.

Chhote lal Mishra till his demise and today studies with his senior disciple, Soumyakanti Mukherjee. Ido received a scholarship to study at the university in Varanasi and graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Tabla. He also won a Tabla competition in Varanasi and participated the grand finals in Lucknow India , in which he received the Appreciation Prize about indian classical music the main aim of indian classical music is to create space for meditation and deep connection.

The listening to it can create a feeling of peace and healing. Tribute concert to Mr. How do you expect us to take you seriously? You look like a slut. Each year we are again and again told about how this march degrades us, devalues us and testifies to our lack of self respect. The respect that I deserve from my environment, the way that society ought to treat me, as a human being, as a woman, is not meant to be conditional or negotiable. Because there would be no end to it.

Do they respect and do they value our basic sense of security, our wants and rights, and even our lives? The answer is no. We will assemble on Friday, the 2nd of June, at Davidka sq. We will leave at After this, we will convene to hear our speakers, and then we will host an open stage for any woman who wishes to speak. Please be careful to keep it that way. The concerts are taking place every friday in the school. Graduates Ensembles and student will play every friday.

Cant arrive on this friday? Come on the next one! Come and bring your friends with you. Art Visual Arts 2-D. Art Music Concert Culture. Also- music instruments and dogs are very welcom! The Mundane, Mohamed S. A journey with a cardboard suitcase navigating the Mediterranean Sea and Skype communication. Out of sight, out mind. Measuring the distance between Germany and Jerusalem with my grandmother, Shoshana, as my compass. A work by Li Lorian On-line in Jerusalem: Yannay Matarasso Artistic Guidance: Aus den Augen, aus dem Sinn.

Screening Sports and Games. Juventus VS Real Madrid! Kickoff is at 9: Cold beer and hot munchies at the bar! Art Performance Theatre Music. Theatre Culture Lecture Workshop. A Jewish widow in gold-rush Alaska, fireflies and mourning, and tales of love told by IDF reservists—a show based on three selected Necessary Stories from more than that Haim Watzman has published for the last nine years in the Jerusalem Report and on his website, Southjerusalem.

Wednesday, June 7, at 7: The venue is small and the places limited, so order tickets in advance. Kaymak band at the Abraham Hostel Jerusalem. Come for a Kaymak band concert! Kaymak is a refreshing ensemble that brings scents of Turkey and the Black Sea and which combines happy groovy music alongside touching melodys. Portnoy Brothers Unplugged at Nocturno, Jerusalem. After a short songwriting hiatus we are back! A brand new show packed with hot out the oven, brand new songs.

Come and hear our new sound in an intimate setting right in the heart of Jerusalem! Community Kids and Family. Moses Mendelssohn and the Authority of Jewish Law: Between Spinoza and Hermann Cohen. These three women create a very different view of the world.

The visitor will be able to meet three different points of view, each revolving around a different axis. What does it mean? What brings these three women together? The resemblance of their first names in Hebrew all three first names begins with letter Alef?

Officially, yes, but more than that. What really unites them is Jerusalem, which appears in all its glory on their canvases. The exhibition will be open to the general public during the whole month of June. The opening will take place on Thursday, 8th of June, at 6 p. Join us for a special musical feast with the virtuoso Tunisian precussionist Imed Alibi.

Wine and light refreshments will be provided. This book based on Gurdjieff's Law of the Octave relates to: Noga Treves is an original literary artist who has been honoured with many prizes.

Special price for Hebrew Book Week: Please register on this form to hold a place: Experience an improvisation workshop with Roni Ish-Ran.

On improvisation as a basic component in Middle Eastern music. Different types of improvisation - rules of improvisation - the Mekaam framework - The Takseem, Muwal etc. At the workshop, we will learn the diffrent components of improvisation and will apply them in practice in singing and playing. The workshop is aimed at musicians and the general audience. It is recommended to bring musical instruments. Roni Ish-Ran, lyricist and composer, the founder ans musical director of the "Shachrit" ensemble.

Grew up in the Nachlaot neighborhood in Jerusalem, on the Jerusalem tradition of Piyut singing. Majored in Arabic music at the Music Academy in Jerusalem.

Composes classical middle eastern music, teaches the theory and performance of Arabic music, writes articles and develops curricula in this field. Recently developed a study unit in Arabic music at the Open University.

Art Visual Arts Culture Meeting. Art Visual Arts Celebration. In Israel for the first time. Where Tech Meets Design - Why design matters for startups?

Our mission is to raise the awareness of the role of design as a core engine of growth for technology companies. The launch event will take place as part of the Jerusalem Design Week and will host key figures from the Israeli tech and design sectors. The speakers will share their perspectives on why design really matters for technology companies and what it means in action, based on their experience. Gary Levitt, the founder of MadMimi acquired by GoDaddy and recently founded Yalabot, a friendly bot that makes use of machine learning to understand your audience and publishes to multiple social networks at an optimal time.

Gary will share his angle on how 'humanizing digital experiences' will help your product standout in a highly competitive market. Ayelet Batist, which founded and has managed the creative team at Lightricks over the past 3. Ayelet will share her perspective on the relevance of cultural research to the creation of winning apps and services, and offers a practical approach for using such research in the product development cycle.

After the film Jin us for an awesome night of Great music played by our guest DJ from tel aviv Itamar Nevo who will spin some great swing records for us and have us dancing all night long. Ethan Katz For more information: During the meeting we will choose the official title of the march, and write an ideological document that will be brought to the board and be used as an ideological compass of the messages of the march, coming from the coummunity discourse.

The agreements the will be written wil stand before the eyes of the board concerning making decisions in the next phase of producing the march - about the stages, messages, campaign atc. Success is never final, failure is never fatal.

Information about the speakers will be announced in the next few days. Fuckup Nights is a global movement born in Mexico in to share publicly business failure stories. Hundreds of people attend each event to hear three to four entrepreneurs share their failures. Each speaker is given 7 minutes and is able to use 10 images. Jerusalem's most promising artists gathered together in one crazy evening for the benefit of the city's homeless youth Israeli Hindi music Arabic Hafla afro-beat: ELEM provides them with shelter, and now wishes to provide them with a home.

Help us; help them to have a home. New Arabic music, Mixed sounds that will not let you stand still on the dance floor! You won't be able to stop moving! She brought back to Israel the latest and hippest sounds of the African music- a mix of traditional music with hip hop, trap, rap, pop and techno mixed well with the African sound and beat to make crazy vibes that you can't look over!

How can historians account for the predicaments of violence and uneven distributions of power in the built environment, particularly in the face of current worldwide geo-political crises? At the heart of this conference will be the question of how eruptions of strife shape architectural and urban histories; and reciprocally, how larger architectural and planning processes, along with the histories that register their impact, intervene in the predicament of conflict.

The aim of the conference is to bring together different responses to this predicament from both regional architectural and urban historians and worldwide members of the EAHN. For more info, see http: We will start the evening with some dining and wining, as we enjoy tasty Israeli cheeses and wine overlooking the Old City on the Cinematheque's balcony. We will then head to the heart of the evening - inspiring Zionism - as Dr.

Ben Reis will give an emotional and thought-provoking Zionist talk centering on the remarkable and wondrous stories of the Six Day War with a focus on Jerusalem. Falkor Ensemble plays original music in a modern, energetic vein with a strong emphasis on spontaneity and group interplay. Arriving for a premiere at Post Hostel after a year's work loaded with shows throughout the country and a first recording.

Sweet wine, good people, and a bumpin' concert -- all for a good cause! Wednesday, June 14th at Please bring a minimum donation of 30 shekel and a bottle of wine per two guests! Sign up in advance and you will be entered into our lottery for a chance to win awesome Jerusalem prizes! Please respect the age limit. At the entrance to the hall — free beer and screening in loop of 67 Bows 5 min. Izek Mizrahi, Ilanit Konopny.

Experience new, crazy and intriguing presentations from Jerusalem's finest! Being held in the stunning courtyard of historic Beit Alliance, this is an extraordinary event not to be missed. Art Performance Music Visual Arts. Tulo at Bet Hagat! The pieces played by the band are taken from the classical Persian music repertoire of the greatest contemporary as well as ancient composers of Persia.

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סרטי סקס לצפייה בחינם ישבנים בחוטיני

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